Welcome to Solamente Stephanie! 
I am obsessed with Travel and Always seeking out the best Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine at home and around the world.  Please enjoy my travel articles plus Cooking with the Babes! My husband and I have heard the call! People want delicious Vegan Recipes that are easy to cook and satisfy the soul!

Solamente Stephanie is a humorous, heartfelt and candid travel blog  & Vegan Cooking show based on my love of people, interest in culture, curiosity of history, quest to find the most delicious vegetarian cuisine and other cool stuff in general!
I promise to bring you exciting stories of my travels near and far!
I am also adding my Veggie recipes so that you can enjoy more animal friendly meals!
I hope to inspire you to see the world and to Eat Veggie!
Also Take the Veggie Challenge!

After being vegetarian/vegan for 22 years and having a love for cooking – I have mastered the recipes and they are delicious! I have even gotten my Husband in the Groove and he has become the best Veggie Chef!

The secret is to cook NORMAL and Be NORMAL! Everyone is so Scared of Vegetarians and Vegans but we are not scary at all! We get plenty of Protein and Nutrients and the best part? We don’t have to eat beautiful animals!

My roots are German, Greek and Italian all of which have amazing vegetarian meals in the DNA. I grew up cooking with my German Mom, and  my Greek Great Grandmother who taught me out to cook well and serve great food. Over the years I changed up the receipts and through a bit of trial and error have mastered even the most complex of recipes.

I know the thought of going vegetarian/vegan is totally crazy! So instead of going all in – try to just ease up! Many people have animal products in every meal that they eat. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Try having Veggie or Vegan meals throughout the week. It is a great way to decrease  animal fat in your diet that can wreak havoc on your health and to also maybe somehow lessen the demand of slaughtered animals in our world. So many animals living a horrible life for a food that so many of us don’t even finish and throw away.

Come join me! Don’t be Scared! You can do it! Omit animal meats out of your meals!

Give yourself and break and all those animals a break.

Over a billion animals are slaughtered per year in the USA alone. It is unsustainable  and we have to make a change!

Have a think and let’s go!


Sincerely Yours, Stephanie
I dedicate this blog to my mother Gertrud who is my biggest travel letter fan!
You can contact me at solamentestephanie@gmail.com