Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa, Spain

Leaving Gibralar was easy today. Follow signs for the A-7 and head West if you want to get to Tarifa.  Along this sun soaked countryside we see dozens and dozens of windmills. The famous winds that hit this coast are now powering the area. The jury is out: I have heard mixed reviews on if they are actually cost effective. In the long run – on an environmental side – it must be. On the short term, in this economy, probably a bit of a financial disaster. Still Spain has a ton of wind power all over the county.  You can say what you like about them being eyesores on the hills, I must say I quite like them. It is funny to me that people resist the mills meanwhile, this coastline is dotted with condo complexes – one after another you get either windmills or condos so take your pick: no pun intended… one can’t exist without the other… people need power… period… and the cleaner the power the better.

Vacation Consdos on the ridge



Windmills on the Costa del Sol

Tarifa is an old port town on the Costa del Sol.  It is the closest distance to Africa from Europe and a 30 minute hydrofoil speeds takes you Tangier, Morocco. There is an incredible castle that sits at the point and an old town of narrow streets, Spanish tapas bars and a relaxed group of tourists and locals. Tarifa is beautiful and after a lunch of Paella at La Olla on the port side of town we walk through the old city…

Tarifa's castle and fishing port

Tiles like these are all over the town, telling stories of old!

Menu at the fish store

Apartments in Tarifa

Tarfia has old world charm and new world Spain. From tapas bars to coffee shops, canned fish stores to shoe stores… it is a really beautiful. The influences of Morocco are everywhere mixed in with the Andalusian flair and its crumbing architecture makes for quite an ambience.

More Tiles

And more Tiles!

The old Castle peeks over the apartment buildings.

Leaving Tarifa we make our way to Las Dunnes! The land of Wind, Mud and Sand!

The small hotels and camping sites that dot the coastline  proves this area to be an incredible stop on the Costs del Sol. We parked and took a walk towards Playa Valdevaqueros what looks like a desert, Las Dunnes is a a hillside where the ocean meets land that has white warm sand. Just at the end of the point you have an area with speacial mud to put on your skin and on the water are 100’s of wind surfers with Africa in the distance. Another breathtaking site. The mud needs to be mixed with salt water and spread on evenly. Then you wait until it turns bright white and is totally dry. With that you jump into the sea to wash it off and your skin feels amazing!

Mudseekers at Las Dunnes


If ever you are in this neck of the woods please visit this spectacular site! Beachcombers, Windsurfer and MudSlingers. There is a restaurant located on the beach as well and everyone here is down to earth.

Windsurfers and Beachcombers

Heaven for wind sports

Las Dunnes Beach

Soft sand on the dunes...

An incredibly beautiful day in the town and at the beach… the sun seems to set slowly here and your blood pressure calms… you inhale slowly and fell wind lift you away from everything that you know….