Coco Loco

Waking up, Lisa and I realize, it is the first moment in probably weeks that we can just wake and not stress out. We pull the curtains open and we see the sea in front of us. As the streets buzz with 1950’s like traffic sounds, I actually stretch. We organize, take photos and enjoy our perch for a moment. Today we are planning to see old friends. Not mine, but Lisa’s. She had a large bottle of Tequila from Duty Free and we were going to make it a surprise. Lisa lived in Cuba for a year, and she lived with Carmen, a Cuban radio announcer, her girlfriend, her grand mother and those that came in and out to rent rooms. Like the Palador, you are actually allowed to rent rooms in your home to tourists in Cuba Before we set out on what we KNOW is going to be a long day of visiting and walking we take a moment to soak in where we are right now. Of our balcony is the Malecon, and people are running, walking or cruising by. Just off the sea wall is a man in an inner tube fishing. I lean over the balcony and look down onto the street. The cars here alone are a reason to come here, especially if you like the classics! I snap some pics, take a shower and head down for a coffee and my Coco Nut.

Man fishing, View of the Malecon

Breakfast of Champions!

Our Hotel Terral, Next to a crumbling building.

The Sea Wall – The Malecon!

We decide to take a COCO taxi to Lisa’s old Neighborhood. These are 3 wheeled  taxis are in the shape of a COCONUT! There is no other way to describe Cuba and our trip on this COCO taxi than with this video. It is not edited. It is in real time and in increments. Please sit back and relax. Soak in what you are about to see. It is pretty insane. The streets of Havana Cuba.

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